Link Magazine has been an integral part of SIDTs community outreach since the beginning.

The first issue of Link Magazine was published on the 5th May 1987 featuring news from ‘every province West to East, North to South. Link is the voice of the Solomon Islands.’

From 1992 until his death co founder of SIDT Dr John Roughan wrote a weekly newspaper column with a core message of putting the villager at the centre of development.

Since his death Link Magazine has continued to re publish columns from past issues in each issue as Johns voice was so influential to the people of the Solomon Islands.

Literacy levels in the remote areas of the Solomon Islands, especially for women and elderly people, are low.

As a result Link Magazine not only features articles and interviews but incorporates ‘Komics’ into its issues as well.

komic for website

The Komics are used to impart the key messages that SIDT is trying to share for a campaign in a way that all readers can understand.

Past Komics have focused on issues such as upcoming election and voter awareness, nutrition, education, health, youth, and population.

The Komics are written in Pijin, the nations official local language.

The Link Magazine has been published quarterly in the past however due to rising costs over recent years have affected SIDT’s ability to publish the magazine. Currently SIDT published on average one or two magazines per year when funding is available through projects.

Since 2007 SIDT has been publishing a monthly newspage. This newspage gives up to date information to key stakeholders, partners, communities, NGOs, government ministries and donors about the work of SIDT. This newspage is distributed electronically which makes it cost effective for SIDT.