As the co founders of the Solomon Islands Development Trust Abraham and John worked together tirelessly over 30 years to ensure positive development in the Solomon Islands.

Photo John Roughan

John Roughan (1930-2013)

Born in New York on in 1930 John Roughan dedicated over five decades to improving the lives of Solomon Islanders. He first came to the Solomon’s in 1958 when he was posted to Tarapaina in `Are`are on the south-east coast of Malaita as a Catholic Priest. It was from his experience living in remote villages that lead him to found the Solomon Islands Development Trust in 1982. Johns aim for SIDT was for it to be an advocacy organization promoting indigenous rights and sustainable development for Solomon Islanders, especially for the villages.



Abraham Baeanisia (1939-2014)

Born in 1939 in the Langalanga lagoon on the west coast of Malaita, Abraham was one of the first post war generation to complete a modern education. He completed a Bachelors Degree of Education in 1982 from the University of Papua New Guinea and upon his return he met John and began work with SIDT. Known for his quiet and composed demeanor Abraham worked tirelessly over the years to bring positive development to the Solomon Islands.