The Disaster program is a multi regional program covering four countries in South East Asia and six countries in the Pacific.

The program is being run in the South Pacific in Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Tuvalu.

In the Solomon Islands SIDT is implementing the Disaster program in the Russell Islands Central Islands Province and also in Makira Province.


Program Goal:

Safe and resilient communities in which children and young people contribute to managing and reducing the risks associated with changes in the climate.

Key Objectives:

  1. To increase the awareness and capacity of children, youth and communities of climate change and related disasters, so that they can facilitate climate change adaptation (CCA) processes.
  2. To develop and implement locally appropriate climate smart solutions that incorporate and demonstrate the CCA model
  3. To advocate for the inclusion of good practices and learning from the CCA program approach in local, district and/or national government processes.



  1. Increased awareness and capacity of children, youth and communities on climate change adaptation.
  2. Through locally designed climate smart solutions, a demonstrable climate change adaptation model is established.SAM_0939
  3. Good practices and learning from the climate change adaptation


In the Solomon Islands the Disaster project has been working on the production of the Teachers Guide and Tool Kit and Grade 5 Learners Resource Book, working with the ministry of environment and the National Disaster Management Office.

Teachers Guide

Year Five-Learners-Resource-Book


Marulaon Village-Disaster-Plan