‘Mifala helpem vilij pipol’

The Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) is an indigenous non-government organisation, founded in 1982.  Since its founding, it has been one of the primary proponents of community level development in the Solomon Islands.  SIDT works with villagers across the provinces of the Solomon Islands to promote inclusive participation community empowerment and community led development.

SIDT works to build strength and capacity within village and community organisations to ensure good governance within communities. This is achieved using participatory approaches and providing essential information and training that allow villagers to be self reliant and to take charge of their own future and development.

Over the years, SIDT has developed many open learning tools (OLT) it uses when working with villagers in the Solomon Islands.  These range from modified participatory tools such as Social Maps and Venn Diagrams to tools that were designed specifically for the Solomon Islands – such as the Village Quality of Life Index, which is an easy to understand measurement tool for villagers to assess the standard of living in their communities.  SIDT continues to polish and improve the OLTs every year and provides training for other organisations to use tools.

SIDT believes that access to information on how to improve one’s standard of living is a fundamental human right.  To promote this, SIDT has a Community Media Department, which works to create and share information products with the communities of the Solomon Islands.  The Community Media Department works in drama, radio, print and audio visual media.

SIDT has a network of past and current donors, partners, former employees, village institutions and committees and Provincial and National Government departments and agencies.  This network is vital in the success of SIDT’s work and SIDT places a great emphasis on the nurturing and expansion of this network.

SIDT is governed by a Board which is mandated by its constitution to have representation from the government, financial institutions, women and youth organizations, churches and villages.

SIDTs Mission:

To improve the quality of village living in the Solomon Islands by:
1. Designing and implementing projects that build capacity in existing village governance structures and contributes to improving the quality of village life in all areas affecting the people of Solomon Islands.
2. Collecting, creating and sharing multi-media information resources that are used and appropriate for villagers, and contributing to research and analysis of issues affecting the people of Solomon Islands.
3. Networking and advocacy activities that foster mutual understanding and communication between Solomon Islands villagers and the institutions, agencies and individuals who can help them make positives changes to the quality of village life.

SIDTs Vission:

SIDT’s vision for the future of the Solomon Islands: – That every village has a high standard of living, with sustainability use of resources, good access to all services and good leaders who ensure that villagers work together for the good of their community. Our vision is that every Solomon Islander is healthy, happy and self-reliant.

 SIDTs Core Values Are:

Participation and community connectivity

SIDT believes that good development and positive change involves the participation of everyone in the community regardless of gender, religion, age, education level, or physical or mental disability.

Empowerment and Self Reliance

SIDT believes that building on existing strengths in communities encourages ownership of development and ensures future sustainability. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, you feed him for life”.

Learning Organisation

SIDT is committed to building on past experience by performing regular debriefs and evaluation of our work, and  also learning from the government, Non-government organisations, community Based Organisation(CBO), stakeholders (current and future) to continuously improve the way we work towards achieving our vision.

Teamwork, Trust and Honesty

SIDT believes that the best results are obtained when we work with our donors, partners, stakeholders and villagers honestly and with mutual understanding and respect.  We believe that the same principle applies within our organisation, and strive to promote a supportive environment for all the staff of SIDT to work together to achieve our mission.