Remember you have the right to vote, so vote wisely

After every four years we go to the polls to elect our representative for parliament. These representatives are our Members of Parliament (MP).
Parliament is where laws are made and can be changed. Our MPs are those people we choose by our vote to represent us in parliament. Sometimes the MP we choose make decisions that we are happy with. Sometimes we disagree with them. Sometimes decisions are made in parliament when our MPs are absent!
Sometimes their votes are defeated because a majority is against our representatives.
Solomon Islands is now 36 years old as an independent nation. By now we should have had enough experience of meeting different candidates who come to us to ask for our votes. We have had some candidates who fulfilled their promises and others who did but had a lot of reason why they did not deliver what they promised.
Remember you have the right to vote and the next thing to do is to make good decisions and vote wisely. Your vote is secret. No one will see or know who you vote for, if people ask you, you do not need to tell them. It is a secret ballot.
On Election Day, ask yourself have you used your right to vote wisely by voting? Did you vote for the candidate who can best represent your views? Is the person you vote for is approachable and someone who listens to his people?
There are a lot more questions we need to ask but it is sufficient to leave it here and let us find out for ourselves what the illustrations here teach us.